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K-2 Formative Instructional and Assessment Tasks in Mathematics

In response to North Carolina legislative and State Board requirements, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provides Local Education Agencies with state-developed assessments to be implemented for Kindergarten, First and Second Grades. These assessments include documented, on-going individualized assessments throughout the year and a summative evaluation at the end of the year. Local Education Agencies may use these assessment instruments as presented, adaptations of them, or adopt unique assessments.

On this site you will find tasks aligned to the Standards for Mathematics that are designed to be used in a formative manner to guide instruction. Take a moment to review the Assessment Manual to learn more about how to use these assessments in your classroom and in your LEA.

Please know that this is a dynamic site- the tasks presented here will continually be evolving as we move forward with implementing the new Standards. As you use these tasks with your students, add to and adapt the materials in order to make them useful for your particular situation. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction appreciates any suggestions and feedback, which will help improve upon this resource. Please send all correspondence to Denise Schulz (denise.schulz@dpi.nc.gov) or Kitty Rutherford (kitty.rutherford@dpi.nc.gov) This site has been created and is maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public (NCDPI) Elementary Mathematics Consultants and their public school partners.

NOTE: A mid-year benchmark assessment and a year-end summative assessment for K-2 will be shared with district leaders on a private wiki. As in years past, districts may adjust the mid-year assessment to align with the district's pacing guide or adopt unique assessments.

Additional NCDPI resources can be found on the Mathematics wiki.

K-2 Assessment Instructional Videos

  • Introduction to K-2 Formative Assessment Tasks
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  • Overview of Assessment Task Format
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